Pinakurat USA

Our Promise To You

With us, you're a always promised freshness and deliciousness packed in every single one of our bottles. Remember, that fresh products mean fresh taste. With hand picked fresh ingredients grown in the wild mountains of Illigan, Philippines packed in every single one of our bottles, you can't go wrong! You can use Pinakurat, Kuratsoy, and Waykurat virtually anywhere! A family gathering, a friend's outing, or at a simple sit down meal. With a surprise packed in each bottle, you and your guest will be talking about this immediately! 

Pinakurat has gotten popular very quickly. Why? That's for you to find out. So head to your nearest Filipino grocery store and try your Pinakurat TODAY!

Our Products

Suka Pinakurat

It is fermented organic coconut sap, organic “kulikot” chilies harvested from the wild mountains of Iligan, and other natural spices blended to perfection. It is best used as a dipping sauce for anything and everything, although people have found the various uses for it from Kinilaw to pancit. Try and discover a pleasant surprise that excites the senses to a taste long desired, and explore the versatility of Suka Pinakurat.

A blend of Suka Pinakurat, soy sauce and calamansi extracts. It is particularly for those who can’t live without usual “toyomansi sawsawan”. It is also very good with tokwa’t baboy and the like.

Suka Waykurat

For those who adore the sweet and spicy “tamis-anghang”palate, this is the right product for you. It has the same pinakurat goodness, and sweetened by natural coconut sap.