Pinakurat USA

About Us

FBC Worldwide LLC was founded in 2006 by a few highly motivated individuals from Houston, Texas. In hopes of bring the taste of the Philippines to the US, we were granted exclusivity from Green Gold Gourmet, parent company of Suka Pinakurat, for exclusive distribution rights within the US. Our business model is simple, bring the best to everyone. We chose Pinakurat because it brings the best out of the unique Filipino dishes. Everything from the fresh ingredients grown in the wild mountains of Iligan, to the enormous local support for the product, sparked us to choose Pinakurat as the product we wanted to represent.
  • Made only from FRESH ingredients
  • Contains organic “kulikot” chilies, harvested only from the wild mountains of Iligan.
  • Best used as a dipping sauce for anything and everything, although people have found the various uses for it from Kinilaw to Pancit

*Please note that distributor application is also available. For more information, please click on the Contact link.